The best Do’s & Don’ts guide at the office

We all need to accept that each and every place has some criteria or decorum to behave, so as our office or workplace too. There is a huge difference between college and professional life. One needs to be more disciplined at the office or workplace. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts at office or workplace:-

The Do’s at Office or Workplace

1.Dress Code

Every office has its own dress code, look at the people around you for ideas on what sort of clothing is in office trends. Clean, pressed clothing without any loose threads or tags and relatively polished, closed-toe shoes are a must.


Taking care to greet your co-workers and to say “Good morning “, “please”, “thank you”&“Goodbye” make a tremendous difference in the way they perceive you.

3.Early Arrival

Always respect time doesn’t matter it’s yours or others. A few minutes’ early arrivals show that you respect the time and it creates your positive first impression. Having a habit of a few minutes early arrival brings lots of good opportunities.

4.E-mail Etiquette

Always maintain respect and basic etiquette in your e-mail, check for the “to & “cc” column &  mention your name and contact details in the signature , before sending the mail. It represents you & company, as positive professionals to the reader. Your e-mail represents the organization

5.Phone On Silent

Answer the call within three rings, take personal calls away from your desk. Don’t listen to voicemails on speaker Use proper language. Loud ring tones are totally unprofessional and also disturb other people. Put your handphone in the silent or vibrating mode during meetings at the office or workplace.

6.Clean Office Desk

Keep your workstation clean and tidy. Your clean office desk shows that you are disciplined & your dedication toward the work, clean office desk also keeps you on top in your boss’s eyes.


A perk of having a job at a company you appreciate & meeting other people with similar interests will give you ease on increase your professional network, it will also enhance your social skill and field keep increasing your network as much as possible. Professional Networking is very important nowadays.

8. Be Supportive & Helpful

Your coworkers likely ask for your help because they have confidence in your abilities and trust in you. Always be supportive and helpful to your colleagues and under employees in your office or workplace.

9. Be Flexible

Sometimes you need to reschedule the priorities as per the situation, be OK with adjusting your schedule accordingly. Re-scheduling or available whenever required, keep you always in demand and increase your value in the office or workplace.


If you want to be attractive and impressive, then the happy face is the best tool you can use to prove your magic. A good smile can help you improve your life even faster than you could ever imagine. Whenever you smile, serotonin is released.  It is responsible for transmitting happy signals to your mind. So smile as often as possible.

11.Questing Fear

An ancient Chinese proverb says, “He who asks a question remains a fool for 5 minutes. He, who does not ask, remains a fool forever. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions, despite how silly you think they seem. This way, you will avoid erroneously completing an entire project only to realize you did it all wrong. By raising questions in a group setting, you are often enabling a further discussion within that group. Maybe what you asked will spark a thought of someone else or maybe your question was something the rest of the group hadn’t thought about yet.

The Don’ts at Office or Workplace

1.Personal discussion/ Gossips

Don’t have a personal conversation or discussion at your desk or don’t bring your emotions into the office. Discussing your personal matters in the office can affect your professional image. Anyone from the neighbor desk doesn’t want to hear your weekend or sad story, so leave that out at the office door.

2.Application For Employment

Don’t use your office system or internet for applying for a job. Your office system has there owned server database which stored or record everything. It may cause you trouble and can lead to you the suspension or dismiss from your current job.

3.Back Chat

Don’t talk or gossips on the back of your boss or colleagues, even if there isn’t much of an age difference between you two. Someday, when you need help, they can refuse without any valid reason. Don’t give people the reason to reject you for anything. You want people to respect you, right?

4.No Alcohol

Don’t forget that at work socials, you’re still at work. Be careful not to overdo it, if alcohol is being served; everyone will know why you “called in sick” the next day.

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