Best types of bosses & how to manage them.

In the corporate world each and everyone has different types of bosses or we can say one person has different types of behavior towards different individuals. If you’ve ever worked with a challenging supervisor before, you already knew that how much you put your entire attitude & your career. It effects your whole perception of your position, and can turn your sweet dream job into a nightmare.

Here take a look of five kinds of managers or bosses and some strategies to manage with them in the office;-

  1. Micromanage Boss
  2. Terrible Feedback Boss
  3. Totally absent Boss
  4. Punctual Boss
  5. Unqualified Boss

1.Micro-manage Boss

Your boss is a micro-manager and her/his lack of trust in you is the beginning of your downfall. You’re a qualified and capable and you’d like to take the opportunity to use your skills to make a difference in the office without your frequently boss corrections.

How to Deal: Micro-managers have good intentions, they just want to be on top and prevent work from slipping .

The first, you start is to prove that you can handle your position without the help of your boss. Get your work done on time and don’t show up late for meetings and send proactive updates about your progress so that he/she still feels like he/she in the loop.

2.Terrible Feedback Boss

When it comes to feedback, your boss has some definite room for improvement. Either he/she doesn’t give any input is incredibly vague and unhelpful, or he/she crosses a line and gives recommendations that are too harsh.

How to Deal: Remember that your relationship with your boss is a two-way street, which means you’re entitled to share thoughts and ideas to improve the way you communicate and work together. You can’t expect your bosses to be a mind reader.

Let him know what you need to improve in your job profile .Ultimately, your boss wants you to best at your job and, it’s up to you to give him the insight details that helps him/her to do that.

3.Totally absent Boss

Your boss’ office sits empty so often there are cobwebs between the arms of her desk chair. You aren’t sure where she/he is, but you know it’s not in the office—in fact, you can’t remember the last time she was there for more than an hour at a time.

You’re perfectly comfortable with being a self-starter and getting your own work done. But, at the same time, you’d like to know that your supervisor is just as engaged in the work and is there to help you out when you need it.

How to Deal: Alright, it’s definitely not up to you to dictate your boss’ work agenda and tell her when she needs to be in the office. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule a regular sit-down with her when the two of you can get caught up.

If it would help you to connect weekly and get up to speed on what you both are working on, pitch this idea to your boss. Chances are she’ll be more than receptive to this.

Even if your boss continues to zip in and out of the office at a rate that’s impossible to keep track of, you can rest assured that you at least have a reserved time to get on the same page with each other.

4.Punctual Boss

Vacations, holidays, weekends, the middle of the night—your boss doesn’t seem to care—he’ll email you any time, any day. And, when something urgent crops up? He expects you to drop everything immediately.

You’re willing to go above and beyond to impress your manager and take steps forward in your career. But, think that you also deserve a decent balance between your professional and personal life.

How to Deal: Your supervisor might be a workaholic, but that doesn’t mean you need to be same . It’s up to you not to set that expectation. That means that—unless something is truly time-sensitive—you should resist the urge to respond immediately in the middle of the night or on the weekends. If you do respond? Tell your boss that you’ll look into it when you’re back in the office.

Also, don’t forget the importance of setting an out-of-office response when you’re away on vacation. It will serve as a reminder to your manager that you won’t be handling any work-related matters during that time.

5.Unqualified Boss

Is your boss is constantly asking you for your advice and how to approach a project. When a question comes up in a large team meeting, Is she/he looks at you to provide the answer.

You’re lucky, she/he values your skills and capabilities. But, at the same time, your boss is somebody you want to learn from.

You don’t want to go over your boss’ head or throw her under the bus. But, you also don’t want to continue doing all of the work while your manager gets all of the credit.

How to Deal: Start by asking your boss more questions about how you should handle things. If you feel stuck on a project or presentation, don’t hesitate to ask her/his for some tips on how you should move forward.

When a question comes up in a team meeting that you feel isn’t your place to answer? Go ahead and put in your quick two cents and then pass it back to your manager for elaboration. If your boss truly is unqualified for her position (and not just trying to be a team player who values your ideas!), it’s bound to come out sooner rather than later.

Find out in which category your boss lies and use the keys or ideas given above to manage them.

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